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Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act - Proverbs 3 v 27


Project: Kwinella Clinic

The idea, Project: Kwinella Clinic came from a member of the November 2011 team. We discovered that to get to the only clinic in the Tendaba area, some people have to travel up to 10km. Often there is no transport or just a donkey and cart and if you can’t afford to get a lift then you have to walk. Imagine having to walk 10km when you’re really sick? And then once you get to the clinic you have to pay just to be seen before you even start to think about medicine. For these villagers surviving and buying food is a struggle without the added cost of medicine. Therefore, a lot of sick people don’t go to the clinic. We spoke to the clinic and have given them an amount of money to cover the cost of a certain amount of check-ups and medicines and we have given each village a number of medical cards. Now whenever someone is sick (for mundane sickness’s eg. Malaria) the person can be seen for free and have free medicine. This is obviously a trial run to see how far the money will go and if it will actually work. Please pray for it’s smooth running and that it actually works!! As far as we are aware this kind of thing has never been done before around Tendaba region, maybe even anywhere, and is a very different thing to what they are used to! As a charity, our mission statement is being “dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus by working with and helping those in need” Please pray that through this medical scheme Jesus love will shine though and the people will really begin to understand His great love for them.

Pastor John

The 2014 team was excited to meet Pastor John. Over the years we have witnessed God doing amazing things in these villages, including many miracles, healings and food being multiplied. People are so hungry to know more and are so open. It has grieved us to leave them knowing that others are not really continuing the work and some of us have prayed for years about this. So this year,  we were privileged to meet Pastor John. He comes from one of the villages and was brought up a Muslim until the Lord miraculously spoke to him and he gave his life to Jesus. He’s Fullah and speaks Mandinka. He’s got such a heart for his people, the remote villages and for children. His fiancée and him run a little nursery in Kwinella and he travelled many miles on his bicycle to visit children and elders from other villages. It was lovely to spend time with him and observe his joy and love for the Lord and people. 

Since our trip in January 2014, the money has been raised to get Pastor John a motorbike to help him get to the remote villages.

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