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Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act - Proverbs 3 v 27

Ruth Kingdon - Trustee

am 40 years old with a husband, 1 son and 3 stepchildren

My husband and I first went to Africa in 2000. We had an amazing time and it was our fist time to visit mud huts and just be with local tribes people.  Ever since then I've had Africa in my heart,  well actually not just Africans. I feel very strongly that there is such dire need all over the world, India, Brazil, Russia, former communist countries in Europe etc. I believe we all should muck in and help to make a difference, whether its by going over carrying aid, saving our pennies to donate, or spending time praying for those in need. I enjoy life now, much more than I did (I used think what is the point to life). I have a stupid sense of humour, I can be watching "Morecombe and Wise" for example and laughing my head off whilst others are just looking at me thinking what is she on? I love music, nature, animals, trees, children travel and learning about different cultures. For those of you thinking "whats the reason she enjoys life now" its because of Jesus Christ. God really changed my life when I first went to Africa.I had been a Christian for many years but it wasn't until then that I really gave Him my life and felt called to serve him.
Life is so much more exciting now. Not knowing whats around the corner but trusting God. Its amazing to see how God has blessed Seedlings from just me and Mart taking a 3 suitcases and a little money to big groups going out and lots of children being sponsored.

Graham Horder   -  Trustee

First travelled with Seedlings in the November 2011 team, with my daughter Amy (16 years old). Had an awesome trip, and both of us signed straight on for the next trip in April 2012! If possible, this trip was even more awesome! God was at work in such powerful ways, both in our outreach to the communities and within the team itself. To see such a presence of God in the school, and then to share some of that with the surrounding families was a great joy and privilege. To be able to go back to the interior and disciple some of the converts from November was just amazing! I have never felt so “New Testament”!

I am “proud” to be on the Core Team now, and look forward to being a part of the ongoing and growing Seedlings Mission. If you get the chance to join one of our trips, grab it with both hands! God bless you.

Esther Clifton - Trustee in The Gambia

Having been born & brought up in Nigeria, by British missionaries, one could say that ‘Africa is in my blood’! I trained as a teacher & have taught all over the world for many years - from India to the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean; from Italy to Singapore; from Sierra Leone to the East-end of London. God’s goodness & mercy has followed me all the days of my life!

After a long & varied career in Education, including many years as a Senior Manager, I took an early-retirement package in 2012 as I knew God was calling me to live in The Gambia. I had married a Gambian in 2005 & had ‘inherited’ his daughter, who is now 20, from a previous relationship. When I first arrived in Gambia I wasn’t quite sure of what God wanted me to ‘do’ here. Presently, I play an active daily role in the local church (-it IS literally ‘round the corner’!), called ‘The Berean Christian Community Church’, where I am ‘lead teacher’. It is very much a ‘New Testament Church’ which has recently become a Cell-group Church, with 4 leaders-in-training, working ‘alongside’ me. We seek to ‘live out Christ in us’ in a practical way, by giving ‘help the poor, the widows, the needy, the marginalized, etc…..’. We are seeing God’s Spirit at work in Kololi, as people are coming into new, living relationship with Jesus - it’s very exciting to be a part of it!

I started teaching CRK (Christian Religious Knowledge) at Seedlings in October 2013 & am privileged to work alongside the Charity, whose aims are so similar to my own, by supporting the day-to-day running of the school in any way that I can. My hope is that we continue ‘to bear fruit’ by providing an outstanding education for ‘our lovely, lively students’ and that each one is taught the true Gospel message of Jesus Christ! My prayer for each student is that they come to know Jesus in a personal way, not just learn some ‘nice stories’ about Him!

I work with a couple of other UK-based charities as well.

Thankyou, to all of you ‘back at Mission-control, in the UK’ for your tireless support & the vision God has given you for this work that you have started. I hope that if you have never visited The Gambia – you DO so, if you are able, as I believe you’ll love it & will be touched by the genuinely warm, friendly reception you will receive here ‘on the Smiling Coast of West Africa’ – as the tourist brochures call it! 

‘So I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me……..’  

Geoff and Judy Musselwhite - Core Team Members

We have been together for more than 50 years. We were married in 1964, had three children and are now blessed with seven lovely grandchildren. We have been very fortunate to have travelled extensively but of all the countries we have visited, Africa is, and always will be, in our hearts. We have experienced the townships of South Africa,the slums of Nairobi in Kenya, the appalling poverty in Lesotho and recently the hopelessness of the people of The Gambia

We joined 'Seedlings' on their trip to The Gambia in December, 2010 and were amazed at what they have achieved since the charity was formed in 2006. They bring love, compassion, care and hope to hundreds of Gambians who have nothing. Unless you experience abject poverty first hand it is difficult to fully understand that we are so blessed with what we have, particularly food on the table and a sound roof over our heads, which so many of them do not have.
Geoff's background is 'finance' and since he retired he has spent much of his time helping to raise funds for the poor people of Africa and is now supervising all the financial aspects of 'Seedlings'. Both of us are using the gifts and wonderful experiences that God has given us, to help those less fortunate than what we are. We can't wait to take our grandchildren to The Gambia. They have so much and no lessons in school can teach them to appreciate the dire needs of so many of the world's children. If you have the opportunity please join us on one of the trips - it will be a life -changing experience".

Beth Tibbatts - Core Team Member

In 2003 Ted and I were asked if we would like to join four friends from our fellowship on a trip to The Gambia. After prayer we said Yes but we didn't want to go as tourists, we wanted to go into villages and see the real Gambia. In March 2004 we went with them for two weeks. While visiting one of their friends in a village we met a young man from the next compound who had missed 7yrs of schooling for lack of funds...he became our first student. In three and a half years, he has made up that 7yrs. He would like to become a doctor and serve his own people. We pray that he will be able to do so and have said that we will support him in his training. God is good! Through His enablement and the generosity of the folk we meet, we now have 35 students ranging from 6 year old twin girls, whose mother is a fruit seller, to a 29 year old father of three, supporting a household of 11 folk. He is up-grading his Security Guard status by computer and business study courses. As Ted and I are retired we can take advantage of good package deals so go to Gambia as often as the Lord provides. We take the money to the different schools, paying for a year's fees thus meeting teachers, parents and other family members and getting to know their needs. In October 2004, through The Journal, we read of Ruth and Seedlings and so we joined their large group going out that December. It's great serving communities together, going up river to reach way-out villages taking aid of all kinds, meeting beautiful people and praying for the sick. Our next trip with Seedlings will be in March 2008 and will be our third with them (but they have been going longer than that) its great fun and fellowship both at Home and Abroad! God's promises are 'Yea and Amen' He gave us Rev 3vs8 'Behold I set before you an open door that no-one can shut' we will go through that door as long as HE enables and leads to his glory for our God is a Great God and He holds us in His Hand'

Carly Davies - Administrator & Sponsorship Coordinator

Pat Monson - Core Team Member

My first  trip to The Gambia with Seedlings for Christ was on a 48hr notice. Thankfully I had all my vaccinations in place!!! 

I have been on 3 trips, each different, each with new people being added.  I love going and meeting up with the many friends I have made but the highlight is the amazing welcome we are given at our school. I have seen our Lord Jesus work miracles of healing and people give their hearts to Him.  I know I am walking in His will by going to The Gambia.

Tracy Nott  - Core Team Member

I first went on a working holiday with Seedlings for Christ in 2010; I had an amazing time and met some equally amazing people. I have since joined the core team and enjoy helping out at charity dinners and such like. I am hoping to return to Gambia in the future and look forward to seeing all that Seedlings and the people of Gambia have achieved. 

Helen Melville - Core Team Member

Having lived in Lancashire for over forty years of my life, if anyone had told me in 2009 that I would be moving to Devon in 2010 and that in 2014 I would be going to Gambia with Seedlings for Christ I would have thought they were mad.

God has plans for all of us and if we choose to let God be our guide, He can do amazing things in our lives and the lives of those we touch.

On my first trip this year, it was lovely to see the amazing work God is doing in the Seedlings' school through a dedicated staff team and children that care for each other and have a great thirst to learn.

In the compounds near to the school and in more rural sites to see peoples’ faces change as they were given practical assistance or see God’s peace rest on them as we prayed together was such a joy that I am looking forward to returning in 2015.

Core Team Members who have joined recently

Elaine Poyner, Alban Shrimpton and Tracy Singleton

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